Guide to radio documentary

Useful guidelines for developing a radio documentary

  • Who is your imagined or intended listener?

The way you tell your story may depend on who is listening.

  • What do you want to share or communicate?

Situate the listener:
Where are we?
Are you speaking with someone? (introduce them, let us know a bit about them)
What sounds do we hear?
What do we see around us?

Consider making an introduction, story and conclusion.
Good narration is like good music. Try to vary the “melody” or pitch of your     voice. (Try not to sound monotone). Try to vary the speed (or tempo) of your     speech, and don’t be afraid to include an occasional pause for emphasis.

Prepare questions beforehand.

  • How will you combine these elements?

How will you develop the appropriate atmosphere?

What music will support your theme?
music (list)

What sound effects will help to create the desired atmosphere?
sound effects (list)

Mixing your music, sound effects and voice is an art. You can be as creative as you want. Let yourself be inspired by other great examples of storytelling (check Radio Jean-Talon!).


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